Mama Spider

Black Widow Spider

Black widow spider with egg sac

This black widow had built a web and an egg sac inside a cinder block in our back yard. Bob had to move the cinder block, but he was able to do it without dislodging the spider or her eggs and most of her web survived intact.



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18 responses to “Mama Spider

  1. “black widow , dear , say thank you to Bob!”
    A gallant rescue , really, and love the brilliant photo, too!

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  2. Melissa Shaw-Smith

    Gorgeous to look at but NIMBY! Glad you were able to relocate her safely though. Thanks for sharing, Ann.

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  3. yeah, how close were you (and da cam’ra)? we, too, will re-locate ’em if we can — far away from da haus ~

    many years ago i worked in a place where a young lady kept a B W in a jar, fine screen mesh across the top. there was an egg sac. one day the egg sac was mostly empty and most the iddy biddy l’il spiders had eXcaipt thru’ the mesh. the young lady was even more popular after that ! (yea, rite)

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    • Ann

      Bob and I didn’t want to kill her, but we do worry about all the cats around here. Widow venom isn’t usually powerful enough to kill a healthy human, but it can take out a cat. Bob covered the opening on the cinder block so that mom could get in and out but a cat couldn’t mess with her. I’m checking every day – I want to try to get some baby pictures.

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  4. a tad scary!! great shot!!

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  5. Oh that’s a mighty mama! I have never seen them where I live.

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  6. Very nice capture. I would have run far away from this one. Yiikes

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  7. Scary but beautiful click.

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