A Naming Dilemma

Well…. Odysseus appears to have laid an egg.

Iguana Egg

His – oops – her previous owner assured us she was a male. We should probably have have known that the guy didn’t know the first thing about iguanas since he was keeping her in one of those grey plastic bins you get at Wal-Mart that had a tiny hole cut in the top with a piece of screen duct-taped over it. This isn’t an appropriate home for a critter that needs sunlight desperately in order to metabolize calcium.

I’m getting used to “she” and “her” but now we have to come up with a different name and I hope we can figure out something that can be plausibly shortened to “Odie.”

And, too: why hasn’t Penelope ever laid any eggs?



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5 responses to “A Naming Dilemma

  1. i think yoove answeard it: penelope should be renamed … um, Penry? Perry? (i KNOW you prefer something more ‘profound”) — (i can’t right off-hand think of Greek olympian hero names with “P”. did anyone named “P” hang out with Odysseus?)

    and poor old Odysseus… um, who was Odysseus’ wife? penelope?
    you got a fun to solve problem, kid!


    • Ann

      I think Greek mythology will have to be scrapped. The only male “P” name I can think of offhand from the Odyssey is Polyphemus, the cyclops that Odysseus blinded with a wooden stake. This is probably representative of both the “P” and “O” names in the Odyssey since it is about one guy up against a virtual army of bad guys and monsters.


  2. will your creatures be psychologically damaged if you switch names?


  3. I can imagine your surprise at Ody’s egg!
    I’m moved ,too……
    Please ,keep telling us something about the family…!


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